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Best camping cookware

Best cookware for camping in 2020

Do you think that camping is not your cup of tea? We are sure that you will change your mind after the first time being outside with your family members and friend. While being in the fresh air, you will forget about any negative emotions and stress in your life and help your muscles release. Moreover, such an experience will help you feel much more energetic when you return to work.

However, how to make your camping successful? In this case, it’s significant to pay attention to the equipment you put into your backpack. If the tools you take are of low quality, there’s a high risk that your journey will be spoiled. To avoid such situations, you need to be careful while purchasing such equipment, and it’s not only about a tent or mattress. It’s also about your cookware. It’s better to pay attention to the tools you take for eating outdoors. Continue reading our review to find out which company produces the best camping cookware.

The most capacious cookware for camping 

There are lots of types of cookware in the market. Thus, it can be complicated to choose the most suitable option, especially if you have never gone camping before. Our team of experienced adventures understands that, and we decided to create a list of the most useful cookware. To find the most useful products, we read dozens of reviews by those who have already bought such equipment. What’s more, we found out what professional cooks think about each item and even tested some of these products while traveling. So, we have no doubt that all models in this top can be called the best camping cookware set.

1. MalloMe Cookware – Best Backpacking Item

This cookware for camping is produced by MalloMe. This company is famous for developing items specifically for camping, and this prototype is one of its bestsellers.

The main thing that makes this model outstanding is that it’s multifunctional and can be utilized not only for camping but also for hiking and other outdoor activities. If you purchase this mess kit, you will also get a nonstick pot, pot cover, pan, 2 bowls and a spoon spatula made from wood. So, it’s possible to exploit this item for different purposes, and you can use it for frying, boiling or even roasting marshmallows.

This cookware is easy-to-clean because there’s a cleaning sponge that will never damage the surface. With this kit, you also receive an electronic book that contains lots of simple recipes. Furthermore, the item itself is firm because it’s made from steel, and you can exploit it for years. 

Although this prototype is produced from lasting materials and lots of accessories are provided with this mess kit, it’s not heavy. The weight of the cookware is less than 500 grams. Even though it’s capacious, it doesn’t take much space, and you can take it, even if you have only a backpack. To make carrying easier, the manufacturer has added a nylon bag.

The producer guarantees that you will be fully satisfied with the quality of this prototype, and you can contact customer support if you have any issues with this item.

Most of the customers are absolutely satisfied with this item and call it the best camping cookware for family. Nonetheless, some reviewers mention that the materials are thin, and it’s better not to cook too complicated meals using it.


  • A multifunctional item;
  • Lots of accessories are provided;
  • It’s lightweight;
  • A nylon bag for carrying;
  • A guarantee.


  • Materials are too thin.

2. Stanley Cookware – Best Steel Option 

This camping cookware is produced by Stanley, a developer internationally known for manufacturing all known kinds of utensils for traveling and going on adventures.

The main material exploited to make this item firm is stainless steel. Since this metal is durable, it’s possible to wash the cookware in a dishwasher, and it won’t get damaged after several times of going camping. What’s more, this metal will never rust, and you can exploit this kit while it’s raining. 

This prototype is produced with a vented lid, and it’s possible to cook your meals on the stove or grill. In the set, you will also receive two cups, and you don’t have to take additional dishes to enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Although this item is made from steel, it’s lightweight because its weight is less than 200 grams. Thus, it won’t take much space due to the fact that its handle can be folded in several seconds, and its overall height is only 29 cm.

If you order this cookware, you will receive a lifetime guarantee because Stanley claims that its products are thermally efficient and free from any damages.

High quality is proven by hundreds of positive reviews. However, those who aren’t satisfied with the item notice that it has a narrow base, and it makes it less suitable for some stoves.


  • This item is made from stainless steel;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • 2 cups are in the set;
  • A foldable handle;
  • A lifetime guarantee.


  • A narrow base.

3. Bisgear Cookware – Best Model with Accessories 

Bisgear is a popular developer that specializes in producing all kinds of cookware for camping, and this item is one of its main inventions.

The main reason to purchase this option is that it’s produced from an aluminum oxide material. This metal is protected from corrosion, and it doesn’t provide any poisonous reeks when it’s heated. So, it won’t change its color unless it’s overheated.

Moreover, this pot doesn’t wear out after lots of times of usage. Although this material is enduring, it takes 4 minutes to boil water. Even though the materials are enduring, this model is not heavy and weighs only 720 grams. However, keep in mind that this set is intended only for 2 people.

This product also has a convenient construction because it’s made with a folding handle. It gets much smaller, and you don’t have to leave much space to carry it. Furthermore, you get a nylon bag for storage. 

With this option, you get a set of pots that let you fry, boil and stir-fry. There are also 2 bowls, a pan cover, a soup spoon, rice ladle and a sharp knife. So, you don’t have to take any additional equipment. 

The manufacturer notices that the product isn’t designed for dishwashers. Only hand washing is suitable if you want to avoid damaging this cookware, and don’t leave it wet after washing. However, it’s not a problem because it’s easy to clean.

Even those people who aren’t satisfied with this prototype notice that it’s a good choice for a small company. Nevertheless, they also mention that it’s less sturdy than they expected, and handles are thin.


  • It’s lightweight;
  • A nylon bag for carrying;
  • Durable materials;
  • A lot of additional tools;
  • Great for a small company;
  • It’s not large.


  • It’s not sturdy;
  • Thin handles.

4. Lodge Cookware – Best Iron Pot

Are you looking for a pot for camping? Then Lodge offers you their product. This manufacturer is one of the most popular companies producing iron cookware for home and camping.

This pot is a great choice for warming butter, melting cheese or boiling milk. Since this model is developed from iron, it will never wear out, even if you overhear it. While cooking with this item, you don’t produce any fuels harmful to your health.

To extend the life of the best camping cookware for the open fire, it’s better to avoid using a dishwasher or soap for cleaning because it will affect the surface of this pot in a negative way. Moreover, don’t leave it wet and towel dry immediately after washing.

Even though this prototype is capacious and manufactured from firm cast iron, it’s lightweight and weighs only 0.9 kilos. So, you can take it on a long trip or even use it at home if you don’t go camping often.

This pot looks stylish because it’s designed in black. Moreover, this color doubles the source of nutritional iron.

The main disadvantage noticed by reviewers is that its base is too small. So, it’s complicated to put it on conventional stovetops.


  • It’s made of cast iron;
  • It’s lightweight;
  • You can exploit it for different purposes;
  • It’s designed in black.
  • It doesn’t produce any harmful fuels.


  • The base is too small.

5. MSR Cookware – Best Stainless Steel Product 

MSR is a corporation that produces all sorts of equipment for camping. You can find tents, stoves, as well as cookware there.

This product is a great choice if you go camping alone or with your family because it’s capacious and can be selected in one of 4 sizes. The minimal dimension is 475ml, a medium pot is 775ml, and the largest option is 1600ml.

To produce this item, MSR exploited stainless steel. Thus, the cookware doesn’t wear out quickly, and you can continue using it after lots of times. Moreover, this material doesn’t get rusted, and it’s practically impossible to damage it.

The handle of this pot is also made of steel, and you can fold it while carrying this item. So, it will take much less place in your backpack. You can exploit this prototype not only for cooking because it’s useful for storage and provides much space for supplies.

Almost all people who have purchased this product say that it’s the best car camping cookware. Nonetheless, there’re some negative comments, and these people say that it’s too small and suitable only for small companies.


  • It’s produced in 4 sizes;
  • A folding handle;
  • It’s possible to use it for storage;
  • High-quality materials.


  • It’s too small.

Buyer’s Guide 

Which characteristics are the main for camping cookware?

When you are looking for the most useful cookware for camping, you have to pay attention to lots of criteria. However, the most significant characteristics are:

  • Materials;
  • Capacity;
  • Accessories added to the set;
  • Weight;
  • If you can use a dishwasher for cleaning.

What are the most frequently used materials for camping cookware?

Most cookware you can find in the market is manufactured from:

  • Aluminum. This metal is perfect for cooking because it doesn’t wear out if the pot is overheated. Moreover, fewer burnings and hotspots appear on the surface, and it’s not expensive.
  • Stainless steel. This material is the firmest one, and it doesn’t spread heat.

What are the main alternatives to cookware?

Of course, cookware is the most useful option for camping because this equipment doesn’t take much space, and you don’t have to get any additional accessories to cook fast but tasty meals in the fresh air. However, it has some alternatives, and the most frequently used of them are:

  • Backpacking sets;
  • Mess kits.

What accessories can be used with camping cookware?

If you think that cooking outdoors is all about simplicity, it’s not so. In fact, you can cook something refined with your cookware. However, you will need to get additional equipment, such as:

  • A stove;
  • A mug;
  • A utensil;
  • A coffee maker.

Since all of these accessories aren’t as large as their traditional alternatives because they can be produced specifically for camping, you don’t have to leave much space in your trunk or backpack to enjoy your meal.

What types of accessories are the main for camping cookware?

We have added items with different kinds of accessories to this list. However, most kits include:

  • Cups;
  • Soup spoons;
  • Knives.

Our Decision 

In a nutshell, we need to say that all the products we have added to this top are worth your attention because they combine high quality with a reasonable price. Moreover, we’ve managed to choose the best cookware for your journey, and our top pick is a product developed by MalloMe. Even though it’s not heavy, it’s provided with lots of accessories that will help you cook better. What’s more, you will also receive a bag produced from nylon for carrying, and it also has a guarantee.

We’re also highly satisfied with cookware made by Stanley. This kit is manufactured from stainless steel, and you will also get 2 cups with your order. To carry it, you can fold the handle. So, it will take less space in your backpack. Furthermore, the producer also provides a lifetime guarantee.

We recommend you to pay attention to the set sold by Bisgear. It’s better to select it if you are going to travel alone or with one person only. It’s also easy-to-carry, thanks to a case you get in the kit.

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